The purpose of the Research Institute of MM is the planning, organization, coordination and support of scientific research, design, development and implementation of research results and development activities in the respective branches of industry, aimed at the recovery and stabilization of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To achieve this goal the MM Research Institute performs the following activities:
1) basic and applied research in the natural sciences and engineering;
2) the creation of new techniques, technologies and materials;
3) participation in the design and development of scientific and technical programs and projects, plans, research and development activities;
4) organization of scientific, technical and techno-economic examination conducted research at the Institute of MM, completed the identification of applied research for the further practical development of scientific products and software patent cleanliness of scientific research;
5) provision of measures to protect copyright, intellectual property scholars and the right to execute them. Al-Farabi on the scientific production;
6) provision of the means and methods of measurement, produced scientific and technical production and development of design documentation applicable State standards, technical conditions and other normative documents of the state system of certification, standardization and metrology;
7) information provision and maintenance of scientific research conducted at the Institute of MM.