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Laboratory study of the mechanics of materials and processes


Laboratory study of the mechanics of materials and processes

Head of the laboratory study of the mechanics of materials and processes

Sejdahmet Askar

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Main scientific results:

Using Visual Basic computer systems and Autodesk Inventor 2013 CAD system designed cam, toothed and flat lever mechanisms. The algorithm of dynamic synthesis for the total number of parameters of the mechanisms based on the strength criteria. A new analytical method for the determination of internal forces in the core mechanisms. The methods of structural and kinematic synthesis of planar lever mechanisms guide. Analytical methods for the synthesis of geometric spatial linkages, made their analytical and numerical implementation. A new analytical method for the determination of internal forces in the core mechanisms. The algorithms and software for solving linear and nonlinear systems of equations, high order differential equations, geometric optimization problems and dynamic synthesis of mechanisms, machines and robots. Created connected dll library to address various problems of mechanics using CUDA technology. The problem kinetostatic analysis of high classes mechanisms by vector with elements of automatic output and solving the equations of equilibrium units in the Maple environment. To solve systems of linear equations has been reviewed and adapted on the GPU architecture of LU-decomposition method for solving systems of nonlinear equations was selected and adapted to run on GPU Newton-Raphson method. To solve systems of ordinary differential equations has been modified and adapted Runge-Kutta fourth order. optimization tasks decision was discussed methods Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno and ip-conversion. The patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the lifting mechanism IV – Class. The mathematical models of the dynamics of four-wheeled mobile robot A dynamic synthesis of the lifting mechanism and size of units, the values of the reactions in the joints. In Autodesk Inventor, the system creates a 3D model of the entire assembly of the lifting mechanism and conducted finite element calculation with a load of 300 kg. Together with the scientific and innovation center on the mechanisms of variable structure (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) manufactured and assembled mobile robot. Create a software and hardware system of autonomous and semi-autonomous mobile robot control. The robot mounted vision system and developed a software solution which allows to determine the position of the robot in the space of the room, as well as identify obstacles and get a map of the room. Experimental studies of the control systems and traffic planning on a real prototype of a mobile robot. Variable mechanism synthesized feet that behaves like a human foot, and also allows you to increase the contact area of the foot. Generated matrix describing the situation with respect to all parts of the body. Obtained high-precision dynamic characteristics of the robot links bioloid and linearized transfer functions of the robot actuators. We obtain several types of low-level controllers drives implement drive control functions for power, strength and co-ordinate, coordinate and speed for high-precision working off the path. Get model and developed software solutions in the system matlab robotix toolbox. A laboratory stand containing a system of local navigation and positioning based on vision systems and is designed for the study of walking machines. A general control system and testing of limb movement. Numerical evaluation of the quality of the hardware and software complex models and algorithms.