The Institute was established by the Academic Council of KazGU named after Al-Farabi Order № 167 of October 13, 1994, and in September 2002 by Resolution #984 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was reorganized into subsidiary State Enterprise with the right of economic management “Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics“ of Republican State Enterprise with the right of economic management “Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi”.
Key research areas

MM Research Institute consists of 10 research laboratories, which correspond to the following activities:

  • Algebra and logic;
  • Differential equations and control theory;
  • Computational Mathematics and mathematical modeling;
  • Computational technologies and challenges in the oil and gas industry;
  • Mechanics of liquid, gas, plasma, and energy;
  • Laboratory of Space Technology;
  • Intellectual informational system;
  • Computer Science;
  • Corporate systems and technologies;
  • Student laboratory “Information technology and design”
  • Laboratory study of the mechanics of materials and processes


Currently, the Institute employs 87 full-time employees and a large number of part-time faculty numbers, students, doctoral students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and other universities of the country. The scientific potential is of more than 60 doctors and 100 candidates of science, 11 doctors PhD. There are about 180 doctoral students, graduate students and undergraduates of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi at the Institute, who recruited the knowledge and experience in scientific research work on partial payment base.

Research work

The Institute carries out research work on more than 70 projects in fundamental and applied research in the fields of science, technology and education, including the works for international grants and commercial contracts with foreign and national companies of Kazakhstan. That includes R & D performed on 64 projects for the following grant funding priorities: “Energy “, ” Deep processing of raw materials and products “, “Information and communication technologies” and “The intellectual potential of the country”.

International cooperation

MM Research Institute develops and supports information and advisory scientific relations and cooperation on international projects, agreements on the implementation of joint activities, it conducts the organization of international conferences and competitions with more than 40 foreign universities and research centers.

It curried out research work in the field of education on 2 grants of European Union: TEMPUS «Teaching Competency and Infrastructure for e-Learning and Retraining» (2010-2013), TEMPUS – ERAMIS «European-Russian-Central Asian Network of Master’s degrees” Informatics as Second Competence” (2010-2013).
The Institute is actively collaborating with Chinese company INSPUR on delivery to Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi of new generation supercomputer high performance calculation. The Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics, Gas and Energy since 2010 works with Franco – Kazakh Scientific-Educational Center “Geo- Energy “, and together with the University of Tokyo, Nagoya and Aoyama (Japan) are working on the implementation of scientific and technical program “Student Nano satellite.”
It carries out on basic of joint research projects and exchanges with 20 overseas centers and organizations in the countries of the European Union, there are contracts and agreements with universities in Korea, Japan, China and India. Scientists of the Institute continue to develop cooperation in the form of scientific exchange, consultation, discussion of the results of research work with U.S. universities.

It supports long-term scientific relations with Russian universities and academic institutions: Moscow State University, Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer them named after Lykov of the Republic of Belarus, Novosibirsk State Research University, Institute of Computing Technology, Institute of Mathematics named after S.L. Sobolev, Institute of Hydrodynamics named after M.A. Lavrentyev of Siberian branch of RAS and others.

Material and technical base

Material and technical base of the Institute includes HPC center equipped with multiprocessor clusters and URSA with capacity of 600 HEP and T-Cluster with Performance 3 TFL and certified laboratories: solid mechanics , theoretical and applied mechanics, hydraulics and filtration, mechanics of structural elements, robotics and manipulators , fluid mechanics , gas, plasma and geo energetics.

Innovative activities

Own multiprocessor computer complex (URSA) with 600 HEP was installed and commissioned for the first time in Kazakhstan in BPH “Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics” named after al-Farabi in 2007 and T -Cluster of capacity of 3 TFL was installed in 2012. It is develop the platform for composite cloud computing for mobile devices with using intelligent agents.

Research work is curried out with the aim to develop new information technologies for oil facilities of Kazakhstan in order to create an information system analysis on thermal effects on the near-well formation zone and the optimization of sucker rod of deep pumping equipment. Years of research have created the basis for the development of a unified information system analysis of operation of oil and gas fields (ISAR). High performance computing is using currently for modernization ISAR. Developed software packages have been tested and implemented in a number of companies in Kazakhstan, such as JSC “Mangistaumunaigas “, JSC “Turgai Petroleum”, PF “EMG “JSC ” KazMunaiGas”, etc.

Mechanics scientists of the Institute cooperate fruitfully with NAC “Kazatomprom”, they carry out scientific researching modeling work and study the extraction of minerals ISL method and mineral extraction from the productive solution on the sorption columns, and existing software products are planned to further implementation in industry.

The scientists of the laboratory “Intelligent Information Systems” together with specialists of “Institute of Transport and Communications” works on the program “Modeling urban traffic AutoSim”. Research is being conducted under the program of work on the development and improvement of environmental monitoring in cosmodrome “Baikonur” (expert system ECOS).

MM Research Institute is actively engaged in innovation and applied research work in the field of education. The Institute has a perpetual state license to engage in activities on publishing e-books issued by the MES and, along with well-known companies in Romania, Poland, Russia, “National Center of Information” as operator of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan in the field of education information the Institute is member of the International Consortium for the development of digital educational resources (COR). Mission of the Consortium is to introduce into Kazakhstan education system the best international experience in e-learning and create of digital content.

MM Research Institute commissioned by MES has developed over 100 e-learning editions in Kazakh and Russian languages for secondary and higher education establishments in humanities, natural and technical sciences for education portal of the MES.
More than 20 (Committee on Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Justice) certificates of state registration of intellectual property were received. Electronic educational editions of the SRI MM were entered to the MES of RK Order “On Approval of the List of educational publishing, MES approved for use in educational institutions in the 2011 – 2012 academic year” of February 21, 2011, # 68
MM Research Institute provides substantial support to Students Business Incubator (SBI) of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the KNU named after al -Farabi, thus encouraging young people to develop entrepreneurial skills.